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I’m an electrical engineer (nowadays more of a systems engineer) who likes to tinker with electronics and robotics in his free time. By day, I work in the space industry and have had the great fortune to work on many¬†interesting projects (including remote sensing satellites, ground stations, and unmanned aerial vehicles as well working on consumer and pro wireless audio electronics before I got into aerospace). My day job tends to take up most of my time, so updates for my hobbies will at times be sporadic!

I very much enjoy science, technology, and nature in general, so that’s the direction this blog will take, mainly as a place for documenting my projects. I’m also an avid Scuba diver and outdoor enthusiast when time and life permits. I’ve got another blog dedicated to diving photos, although I don’t dive with a camera very often anymore so updates are somewhat lacking there.

If you’d like, you can contact me with the form below: